About the CEO/Owner

Veronica is a known “Diva” and lover of all things BEAUTIFUL! She prides herself in ensuring family, friends and everyone she encounters embrace their natural beauty while she helps them enhance it. One of her favorite quotes are, “If you can’t grow it- sew it” and “If you can’t achieve it- weave it.”

Her love of all things beautiful isn’t by chance; Veronica was born into it! She is the daughter of a well-known hair stylist and spent her former years working in her mother’s beauty salon. This self- professed beauty fanatic saw a need in today’s hair extension market to offer a truly unique product. A product that lives up to its’ name. Veronica traveled the United States and beyond touring donation facilities abroad to ensure she would be selling a product she could be proud of.  In her search and after many hours of hard work, her labor has paid off and now Prestigious Hair has been born.

“ I am so proud to stand behind a product I truly believe in. So happy to share with all of you!” – Veronica