All About Raw Hair Extensions!

All About Raw Hair Extensions!

Your Ultimate Guide to all things hair extensions! This guide delves deep into the essence of raw hair extensions, distinguishing them from other types, and answering the most sought-after questions by hair enthusiasts!


What Does Raw Hair mean?

Sourced directly from donors, with full aligned cuticles these raw virgin hair extensions are characterized by their untouched, chemically unprocessed state. This ensures the hair retains its natural strength, texture, and shine, making it a premium choice for those seeking authenticity and quality in their hair extensions. 

What is Raw Hair? 

In contrast, raw hair is completely natural, offering a more authentic texture and a higher degree of quality. There are many levels to raw hair. Raw hair can be single donor or multi donor. In short this means that the bundle of hair came from one single persons head or multiple peoples head to create one bundle of hair.  Some raw hair is in its natural texture exactly the way it grew from its donors head & is single donor hair. This quality is superior & is usually very expensive.  The next tier of raw hair is steamed processed hair. It's still raw in its all right, meaning no chemicals have been added to the hair. This hair however has undergone high temperature steam process to make the different textures we have come to love. This hair too can come in single or multi donor bundles. The Longevity of both these Raw Hair Extensions are the same.

How long does raw hair last?

With proper care raw hair has no expiration date. Of course, over time with natural minimum shedding it will thin out & with the use of hot tools the ends will begin to split. All these things will occur the same as they do with our natural hair. With proper care your raw hair can last for more than 5 years. We have customers who have hair they purchased for us 7 years ago & its still healthy & beautiful.

What is the difference between virgin hair & raw hair.

Virgin hair unlike raw hair has been chemically processed. Virgin hair usually isn't virgin at all. It is usually hair that has had the cuticles stripped & have undergone chemical treatment to keep the hair from tangling. After several washes the chemical are gone & the hair begins to shed. This hair is usually collected from drains & floors & is not virgin hair at all. The correct term for this hair is Non Remy hair.

Can raw hair be dyed? 

Yes, Raw hair can be dyed. The more donors a bundle has however the harder it is to achieve light blonde colors. We recommend buying hair already colored to your preferred look.

What is Brazilian hair?

Brazilian hair is Chinese processed hair. It is often referred to as virgin hair, but it is not virgin hair.

Where to buy raw hair?

Look no further than Prestigious Hair Company for all your hair needs. We specialize in high quality raw hair at the best price on the market. Affordable raw that won't break the bank or skip on quality. We are a raw virgin hair boutique in Oklahoma City & we look forward to taking care of your Raw Virgin hair needs.  Shop our raw hair extensions now at



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